Passion in Paris

How innovation and the chance to make a difference lured Zuzana Mudrikova to Fluidigm

From her native Czech Republic to our Paris office, supervisor admin for Europe Zuzana Mudrikova indulges her love of interesting people, dynamic challenges and life experience.

Q: Before joining the Fluidigm office in Paris, you worked at Medea Kultur in Prague. What was that transition like, and what skills or techniques did you learn there that you apply here?

A: It was an international transition, from the Czech Republic to France, and since my role has completely changed, I had expected that it would be very difficult. It was surprisingly easier than I thought, thanks to the support of my manager and the whole team in France. I can still sometimes feel the cultural differences, but it is enriching me a lot at the same time. I believe that I have developed good communication skills, as I am in touch with people around the world on a daily basis. I have also learned how to set priorities and adapt to changing conditions, as the environment at Fluidigm is very dynamic.

Q: What made you choose Fluidigm, and what is your favorite thing about your role?

A: My field of study at university was business administration, but I grew passionate hearing about Fluidigm and its activity during my interview. I also liked the fact that what we do is actually helping people around the world. I have always wanted to work in an international environment as well.

The thing that I love most about my job is the fact that it is never tedious and there are always new challenges, new projects and so much to do and learn.

Q: What is it like working in our Paris office?

A: The Paris office is a great place to work. I have a great relationship with my colleagues, and even though it can be challenging at times, we always work through things as a team.

Q: You are fluent in French, English and Czech. What is the most exciting part about knowing multiple languages?

A: Czech is my native language. I learned English and French at school, and I have been practicing every day so I am fluent in both. I find speaking foreign languages very exciting. We have a Czech proverb that says “Kolik řečí umíš, tolikrát jsi člověkem,” which basically means something like “the more languages you speak, the more of a human being you are” or “the more languages you know, the broader your mentality is.” And I believe this to be very true.