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While ultrahigh-throughput droplet-based technologies enable the single-cell community to classify cell types with transcript end counting methods, only full-length mRNA sequencing supports true cell characterization. Full-length mRNA-seq delivers the increased sensitivity needed for identifying overall expression patterns. C1 is the only commercial platform providing a full-length, total RNA sequencing solution that’s ideal for characterizing the transcriptome of cells upstream or downstream of ultrahigh-throughput droplet methods.

Why use C1?

Here are 10 reasons why you should use C1. From increasing the number of cells processed to being able to customize applications, the flexibility of C1 is what researchers are discovering. Learn more.

Announcing our new multi-omic C1 application measuring RNA and protein from each indidivdual cell at mid-level throughout. Learn more.

Download our technical note.

What can you do with C1?

Here are the top 10 applications to use on C1, but the possibilities are endless. Working with other systems, C1 is the perfect companion to perform targeted expression or to bridge single-cell omics. What can you do? Learn more.

What does C1 do that the competition can't?

With C1 you can retain 90% more data than with what the competition offers, while also enjoying lower costs and time-saving benefits, See how C1 stacks up  Learn more.

What is the team doing?

Pioneering single-cell research has been a passion for Fluidigm and the single-cell team. See what we're up to on our Instagram account and join in the conversation.  Learn more.

Fluidigm Products are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.