Targeted DNA Seq

Achieve economy of scale with ease


Efficiently scale your targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation with the Juno™ system and the Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Prep reagents.

Achieve scalable throughput from tens to hundreds of NGS-ready libraries per processing run with two IFC formats – LP 48.48 IFC and Juno LP 192.24 IFC.

Reduce hands-on time and drive down reagent consumption with automated microfluidics, resulting in significant savings. And to ensure that your NGS panel always remains up-to-date, maintain flexible customization capabilities unique to Fluidigm.

What's New

DATA SHEET | Juno Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System

Customized assay panels in convenient kits provide investigators and genomics service providers with the industry’s only easily scalable and automated solution. Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation is compatible with Illumina® MiniSeq™, MiSeq™, NextSeq™ and HiSeq® NGS systems.


FEATURE | Flexible Juno Targeted DNA Seq Library Prep delivers affordable automated results

The expanded portfolio of Juno Targeted DNA Library Prep provides the industry’s most scalable, automated library preparation solution for high-throughput NGS. Pairing the proven Juno microfluidics platform with the benefits of multiplexed target amplification and sample barcoding, it is now feasible to accurately sequence samples quickly and economically.

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Juno Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation

Scale with the industry’s most flexible per-sample throughput and enrichment capabilities using the Juno targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System. Two sample throughput options are available, LP 48.48 and Juno LP 192.24 IFC (integrated fluidic circuit).

The LP 192.24 IFC automates amplicon based libraries for 192 unique DNA samples per run and up to 2,400 amplicon targets per sample. The LP 48.48 IFC accommodates up to 48 DNA samples per run and up to 4,800 amplicon targets per sample. Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation is fully compatible with all Illumina® sequencing systems. Up to 1,536 sample libraries may be multiplexed per sequencing run.

Access Array Library Preparation

Access Array™ delivers specimen flexibility supporting sample types of DNA extracted from germline and FFPE somatic samples. Access Array automates targeted DNA library preparation for 48 unique DNA samples per run and up to 4,800 amplicon targets per sample using Targeted DNA Seq Library reagents, or up to 480 amplicon targets per sample using Access Array chemistry.

The system is compatible with multiple sequencing platforms including Illumina® sequencing systems and, for use with Access Array chemistry, Ion Torrent™.