Anti-Mouse IgD (11-26c.2a)-150Nd—100 Tests

IgD is an immunoglobulin that is believed to act as a B cell receptor. IgD is co-expressed with IgM as a membrane Ig by most mature quiescent B cells, but not by early developing B cells of the bone marrow or by end-stage antibody-secreting plasma cells. Surface expression of IgD varies with B cell subset, with highest expression occurring in long-lived recirculating B cells that are abundant in follicles of the spleen and lymph nodes, on which IgD levels can exceed those of IgM. IgD is expressed at lower levels on B-1 cells and on cells of the splenic marginal zone. IgD is also expressed on many semimature transitional B cells found in the spleen and bone marrow.

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    100 Tests


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