Imaging Mass Cytometry

Reagents for deep interrogation of tissues and tumors

Changing the course of how diseases are treated and ultimately cured requires a comprehensive understanding of complex cellular phenotypes and their interrelationships in the spatial context of the tissue microenvironment. Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) performed on the Hyperion™ Imaging System using Maxpar® metal-tagged antibodies empowers simultaneous interrogation of 4 to 37 protein markers at a time. It is now possible to deeply interrogate tissues and tumors at subcellular resolution while preserving the information in tissue architecture and cellular morphology to uncover new biomarker correlations and cell interactions. 

What's New

What's New

David Rimm on the value of Imaging Mass Cytometry™ for immunology applications at Yale

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Bernd Bodenmiller on revealing new insights into tumors with Imaging Mass Cytometry

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Join us in Seattle for the 2018 Imaging Mass Cytometry User Group Meeting

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New pathologist-verified Maxpar antibodies for Imaging Mass Cytometry

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The Hyperion Imaging System provides highly multiplexed data with subcellular spatial resolution from 4 to 37 protein markers on FFPE or frozen tissues or cell smears. Standard protocols for preparing FFPE or frozen tissue slices can be used for sample prep for use with the system.

A common antibody retrieval protocol

The Maxpar antibody staining protocol for Imaging Mass Cytometry makes it easy to combine multiple metal-labeled antibodies in one step. Metal-tagged pathologist-verified Maxpar antibodies for Imaging Mass Cytometry are designed and optimized for use with the Hyperion Imaging System. These antibodies can be combined using a protocol that provides a common antigen retrieval step to simplify panel design for use with FFPE human tissue sections.


Metal-Tagged Reagents

A precisely directed laser beam focused at 1 µm collects protein markers stained with metal-tagged Maxpar antibodies and directs these metal tags for detection using proven CyTOF® technology. A discrete signal from each ionized metal tag is detected based on differences in mass instead of wavelength, at 1 Da resolution. The purity and choice of metal isotopes ensure minimal background noise from signal overlap or endogenous cellular components.

Developed for use with the Hyperion Imaging System, the 60-plus and ever-growing list of antibodies currently available in our catalog has been optimized to detect defining markers in immuno-oncology pathways and cancer and immune cell populations. Each lot of conjugated antibody is quality control-tested on tissue sections using the Hyperion Imaging System. If a desired antibody is not yet present in our catalog, you can conjugate it yourself using our metal-labeling kits or inquire about our custom conjugation services. 

Research Use Only

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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