What do I need to perform targeted DNA sequencing library preparation?

A. Targeted DNA Seq Library Reagent Kit (101-3052, 101-3089, 101-5668, 101-5669), containing:
  • TSP Sample Loading Reagent
  • TSP Adapter Mix
  • PCR-Water
  • DNA Dilution Reagent
  • TSP Harvest Reagent
  • TSP Assay Loading Reagent
  • 4X TSP Master Mix
  • DNA Polymerase

B. Targeted DNA Seq Primer Pools (ASY-MPX-XS, ASY-MPX-S, ASY-MPX-M, ASY-MPX-L)
C. Targeted DNA Seq Barcode Plates (101-0744)
D. IFCs, Barrier Tape and Control Line Fluid, which can be ordered as a bundled kit: 
     Juno Accessories Kit (101-2333, 101-2334, 101-2348, 101-2349)

Additional accessories
Juno LP—192.24 Barrier Tape Applicator (101-2027)