Why do I need to do a quality control check on my raw sequencing data?

A quality control check on raw sequencing data produces better mapping results. It helps identify and fix potential issues in FASTQ files, including sequencing artifacts, genetic contaminants (primers, vectors and adapters) and low-quality reads.

For more information, see the Singular Analysis Toolset User Guide (PN 100-5066).

In mutation detection at single-cell resolution, besides using general QC metrics (like DP and GQ) to evaluate the quality of each variant call, you can remove low-quality variant calls caused by random error from DNA amplification and sequencing by using single-cell-related filters, such as (1) “variant found in multiple single cells” (at least 2–3, depending on the given cell number) and (2) “variant allele frequency is not rare” (>10%).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.