I heard that a new injector and running solution can be used on our mass cytometer. Should I ask my operator to use those when I run my next experiment?

All facilities with Helios™ and CyTOF® 2-to-Helios Upgrade mass cytometers are being informed of a new sample acquisition protocol that has been shown in some cases to improve intensities and CVs on signals from metal isotope-stained cells. The protocol uses a higher-ionic-strength running solution, called Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution (CAS; Cat. No. 201237). The WB Injector (Cat. No. 107950) is always used with CAS because this injector design reduces deposit buildup.

Consult your instrument operator with questions about implementing the new sample acquisition protocol for your experiments. As with any protocol change, appropriate bridging studies should be performed if needed. This may include re-optimizing the workflow by re-titrating antibodies and adjusting the event rate for the WB Injector. Consult your Fluidigm field application scientist if you need advice on such studies.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.