Why do I have to use the new Maxpar Cell Acquisition Solution? Why can’t I just keep using water?

You do not have to use the Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution (CAS; Cat. No. 201237). However, its development was driven by a desire to create a more favorable environment for cells than provided by resuspension in Maxpar Water. We are committed to continually improving quality, and therefore we carefully devised a new running solution. Maxpar CAS has higher ionic strength than water, and when used in conjunction with the WB Injector (Cat. No. 107950) it improves cell integrity and thus increases cell-signal stability while maintaining acceptable system performance.

When using Maxpar CAS, the WB Injector must also be used to reduce deposit buildup inside the injector. The use of CAS with the WB Injector has only been tested on Helios™ mass cytometers.

Consult with your Helios operator about implementing this new sample acquisition protocol for your experiments.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.