What are the biggest advances that Helios brings to mass cytometry?

Here are the top three:

1 Sample handling: The new sample introduction system doubles throughput and increases sampling efficiency to over 60%, so you collect more data from less sample in less time. It also enables up to 5 mL samples for streamlined barcode workflow, enabling hands-free operation while entire experiments are acquired. It incorporates sample agitation to counteract sedimentation, resulting in sustained throughput during acquisition. It eliminates the need to transfer samples to a syringe. It also eliminates carrier solution.

2 A new user interface simplifies user training and enables more end-user operation.

  • Trading in a CyTOF® 1: Helios™ tuning is automated.

3 Improved onboard computer

  • Upgrading a CyTOF 2: Helios has 10X storage capacity, reducing frequency of data transfer.
  • Trading in a CyTOF 1: Helios storage drives are in RAID (redundant array of independent disks) configuration, providing redundant storage for improved data security. The Windows® 7 operating system provides improved performance and security.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.