Why is the barcoding workflow easier on Helios than on CyTOF 1 or CyTOF 2?

The Cell-ID™ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit enables unique barcoding of 20 samples so they can be combined and subsequently stained and acquired as one multiplexed sample, followed by software debarcoding and individual sample analysis. Multiplexing samples improves data quality because the 20 samples are stained, processed and acquired as one sample, eliminating sample-specific staining and data collection variation.

The multiplexed sample often exceeds 0.5 mL, the maximum loop volume for CyTOF® 1 and CyTOF 2 instruments. Helios™ samples from 5 mL tubes, which accommodate barcoded experiments better. This enables unattended operation because the entire experiment is collected as one extended acquisition.

In addition, the extra channels provided when trading in a CyTOF 1 for a Helios enable simultaneous acquisition of cisplatin dead cell identifier with Pd-based barcoding probes.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.