How do the SNP Type and TaqMan chemistries differ?

Both chemistries are robust methods for SNP genotyping, and both are compatible with specific target amplification protocols. Key differences between the chemistries are highlighted in the table below:

TaqMan® SNP Type
Mechanism Allele-specific hybridization Allele-specific extension
Primers Locus-specific (2) Sequence-tagged, allele-specific (2), and locus-specific (1)
Probes FAM™, VIC® FAM, HEX
Labeling Individual Universal
Fluorescence generation Probe displacement and cleavage Fluorescent amplicon formation
Fluorescence detection Real-time or endpoint Endpoint

For more information regarding specific protocols and necessary reagent components, see the SNP Genotyping User Guide (PN 68000098) or the Juno System User Guide (PN 100-7070).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.