What information is provided in the Customer Informatics Packet?

An informatics packet is emailed at the time of product shipment. It includes primer sequences, plate layout and instructions on where to download supporting documents such as user guides and quick references. Informatics packets are also available online with your D3 assay design orders.

The information that is provided in the Customer Informatics Packet for Delta Gene assays:

  • The Design File, which is a Microsoft® Excel® file that includes assay name, Fluidigm Assay ID, primer sequences, representative RefSeq, gene symbol, gene aliases, gene full name and gene ontology: function, process and component
  • A plate layout file containing positions of the assays in 96-well plate format
  • A PDF assay report that details the assay names, NCBI Reference Sequence ID (RefSeq), image of primer binding positions, amplicon length and gene ontology information
  • Assay performance report (for wet-lab tested assays only) including mean delta Ct slope for each assay

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.