Can I prepare samples for both flow and mass cytometry on the same instrument?

The CyTOF® system is a very sensitive analytical instrument that can detect elements in concentrations as low as parts per trillion (ppt). As such it is important to maintain a clean fluidics system for sample preparation for mass cytometry. Flow cytometry reagents may contain environmental contaminants such as lead and barium that would be detected by CyTOF systems. If they are present in large amounts these contaminants may compromise data quality or even harm the CyTOF ion detector.

For customers interested in using Flow Conductorâ„¢ for mass cytometry, Fluidigm recommends using Fluidigm recommended reagents only. Mass cytometry users should take care to maintain a clean fluidics system on the Flow Conductor for sample preparation for subsequent analysis using CyTOF systems.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.