Does your product include sample barcodes?

The primary set of sample barcodes is packaged separately from the Advanta™ CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay due to the product configuration: One unit of the barcodes supports 20 units of the LP 48.48, 2 IFCs kit, or 4 units of the LP 192.24, 10 IFC kit. Your Fluidigm Account Executive can provide ordering information and pricing details at the per sample basis.

The Targeted DNA Seq Barcode Plates (PN 101-0744) product contains a set of four 96-well plates, one unique barcode per well, for a total of 384 unique barcodes.

For dual-index sequencing, the Targeted DNA Seq Library Adapter Set (PN 101-2412) is also needed. This product contains a set of four adapter mixes that supplement 101-0744 to create a total of 1,536 unique barcodes.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.