Dual mode with Imaging Mass Cytometry

With dual mode, flow cores can:

  • Perform high-multiplex characterization, spanning cell suspension and tissue samples
  • Drive comprehensive insight into health and disease
  • Conveniently switch from suspension mode to tissue imaging mode
  • Improve return on investment by diversifying sample throughput
“The Hyperion Imaging System offers the capability to assess the characteristics of both circulating and tissue cells in a multiplex manner offering a substantial return on investment for the cancer researcher.”

Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Assistant Medical Director of Clinical Investigations
Support Office
University of Southern California

Hear what multiple researchers are saying about Imaging Mass Cytometry with the Hyperion Imaging System in the videos below.

For translational researchers currently using mass cytometry, dual mode offers:

  • The same high-multiplex capability that is found in suspension mode—in imaging
  • Deep spatial characterization of tissue microenvironments
  • Comprehensive datasets that contribute to greater research insights

See how a research team characterized phenotypic progression in human B cells in suspension using mass cytometry and then used Imaging Mass Cytometry™ to visualize microanatomical distribution of the same cell type. 

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