Webinar | Automated Nanoscale Solution for RNA-Seq Libraries

Automated Nanoscale Solution for RNA-Seq Libraries

RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) is the gold standard for hypothesis-free profiling of the transcriptome and is an essential tool for molecular biology laboratories. To keep pace with increasing sample demand, automated microfluidics-based library prep can advance transcriptomics by streamlining laboratory methods and substantially reducing associated costs. Designed to drive significant improvement in the RNA-seq workflow, the Advanta™ RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit together with the Juno™ system delivers an integrated solution for automated, cost-efficient NGS library prep. The Juno system is easy to install and operate and, with the Advanta RNA-Seq reagents and 48.Atlas™ integrated fluidic circuit (IFC), supports simultaneous processing of up to 48 total RNA samples from eukaryotic organisms, generating libraries compatible with Illumina® sequencing instruments.

About the presenter:

Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch
Director, Americas Microfluidics Commercial,

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