7th Annual Mass Cytometry Summit Recap

Friday, April 27, 2018 | Prague

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On April 27, 2018, the mass cytometry community gathered in Prague at the 7th Annual Mass Cytometry Summit to share knowledge, network with colleagues and forge collaborations to further our understanding of the biological bases for health and disease.

Drawing over 200 attendees from around the world, the Summit had an information-rich agenda that included over a dozen scientific presentations and an engaging panel discussion by leading scientists.

Topics included workflow best practices, data analysis methods, new applications and research insights uncovered using mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry™.


"Some of the best cytometry at CYTO."
— Assistant professor, Summit attendee


“I am inspired by the ways people have used mass cytometry and data analysis. I can see ways to
incorporate these ideas in my own research and the research of others who use my facility.”
— Joseph Slupsky, Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine, University of Liverpool


“Well-organized. Great mix of speakers.” 
— Sylvia Lui, Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research (MCCIR), University of Manchester


“No-brainer. I learn something every year. If you are performing mass cytometry, you need to be here.”
— Evan Jellison, Director Flow Cytometry, University of Connecticut Health Center


“New and practical insights”
— Tomer Meir Salame, Life Sciences Core Facilities, Weizmann Institute of Science


“Great possibility to meet the leaders in the field of mass cytometry.”
— Stanislav Drápela, International Clinical Research Center, St. Anne’s University Hospital, Brno, Czech Republic

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