Alaska Fish and Game Sets Sights on Sustainability

Genetic study is a lynchpin of sockeye salmon fishery conservation

See what ADF&G is doing about sockeye salmon sustainability and conservation.

Producer Nate Shoutis, formerly of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), explores sockeye salmon sustainability efforts in the Bristol Bay region, where Gene Conservation Laboratory scientists are applying genetic principles to support commercial fish species statewide.

This video highlights real-time genetic estimates of stock composition from the Port Moller test fishery. The application tracks fishing season data as management biologists make hour-by-hour decisions about when and where the fleet can fish. Tissue samples flow from the test fishery to the lab, giving fishery managers time- sensitive genetic data about the abundance of sockeye salmon populations.

The Bristol Bay program aims to protect sockeye salmon for future generations and showcases how genetic data contribute to effective management and conservation of this valued species.